We are also able to operate for the following operations:

  • Reconditioning and testing of opening and closing valves
  • pressure calibration
  • cabling
  • Regeneration and testing disconnectors
  • capacitors testing
  • compressors plates realization

Our departments are able to deal with:

Disassembling - the product received is disassembled in this department in all its individual parts, which are then assigned to the sandblasting painting and cleaning department

Sandblasting and painting - here all the pieces that require it will be sanded, painted and subjected to anti-corrosion treatment bringing them back to a state like new

Cleaning - Ceramics and internal parts, such as gears, springs, etc. will undergo profound residue cleaning dirt accumulated from years of service due to their specialized products and tools. Components subject to high wear will be discarded and replaced with new

Installation - in this department our specialized technical riassembleranno the product following the procedures / drawings belonging to it using specific equipment.

Testing - Once the product is fully assembled to pass the test department where it will be tested in any electromechanical function and sealing, all with high-tech tools that can report and highlight any malfunctions. Following each test, you will be issued a quality certificate which testifies the right of the product under test functions.